StoryAI was crafted by Botsociety Inc as a side project. It is an implementation of the GPT-2 774M model released by OpenAI


What is StoryAI?
Write the story you couldn’t quite find the words to complete with this easy to use OpenAI model. Input 40 words to start, and watch what the model comes up with. It’s powered by the GPT-2 774M model released on August 20th 2019 by OpenAI.

Who can use it?
Anyone for free. You can also share the text created by the A.I., and see what other people have prompted the A.I. to write.

What has been created so far?
The community has created news articles, scientific essays, short stories and more.

Why did you do this?
It’s an opportunity for non-technical people to play with modern A.I. We want anyone to be able to use first-hand the powerful technology that the AI community is open sourcing. So when OpenAI released the latest version of their GPT-2 Language model, we took the opportunity to build an easy way to use it.

How are people going to use this new A.I. technologies?
Nobody knows for sure. We think that, by making more people try out the technology and understand its potential, we can raise public awareness on the potential misuses of this technology.